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    The Spiral Graveyard

      Sprawling in tiny, The graveyard behind my house, Is a spiral graveyard with Hundreds of tomb stone, Etched with emotions, Hidden inside the lunar light. The tombstone carved Out of their regret, Shines in turbulent thunder, When words fall…

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    Cannibals Of love

      Darling, you look like you’ve never washed the hair of someone who hurt you I’ve always been a Good Samaritan when it comes to aiding strangers but I can’t go on pretending I’m doing this for you the airport…

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    Head, Island, time and wave

    1. It is here we keep hands. Can you squash the honeybees on this table? My head bronzes the idea of faking islands, for our home. To save it. My head is the sun, islands; a wave. I hold your…

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