Submit your best work, no rhyming poetry, please. We will not accept anything which doesn’t enthrall us at all. Send your work in a word file only. If you wish to be a contributing writer please mention the same in the subject of your mail. Poetry, Prose editor- Devika Mathur Fiction editor- Kristiana Reed Submit poetry, prose at [email protected] (send up to 3 pieces) Send all the short creative/non-creative fiction at [email protected] Send your work along with a short bio. Deadline- 30th June Currently, we shall not pay our contributors but will do our best to promote your work! Submissions will be open throughout the month of June. The theme for our first issue – “Loss.”

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    Submissions open now!

    The last couple of days were a bit hectic and I am sorry for not keeping up with Olive Skins. But I am back and we are excited now to read some more good surreal or abstract poetries and prose…

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    Live to die or die to live?

      Rolling the skin deeply In the waters, rusting my bones cold moisture seeps the pores hits spine, undercurrents discharged pupil widens, nostrils expand I breathe in the black smoke hair rise stiffens the nerves muscles inflamed; cortisol infused bloodstream…

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    Welcome to Olive Skins.A literary platform for surreal and abstract poets and artists. You may find beautiful and brave writings here which shall stir your heart, will make you feel the pain, the words, the essence of poetry, prose, fiction.…

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